Work Horses Being Watered at Mousehold Farm

A (very) brief history
of Mousehold Farm.

The original farm is thought to have been built around the turn of the 18th Century.

Mousehold Farm has been family owned since an auction of farms owned by Rackheath Hall in 1919. (previous to 1919 the farm was rented from the hall.)

Centre, Auction Book and Map of Rackheath Hall 1919. Right & Left, Lot 49 -The Mousehold Farm

New Rackheath is built on land from Mousehold Farm, if you live in Rackheath, your deeds may show this.

Light green on map showing Lot 49 – The Mousehold Farm

Sam Smith way, Named after The farmer of Mousehold farm at the time.

Sam Smith was also the name of his grandfather who originally bought the farm. (The land for the persimmon estate where the new school is located was sold by the farm long before any planning was considered.)

The boundaries of Rackheath and Salhouse have been slowly moving clockwise. Originally all of Mousehold farm was in Rackheath. Boundary changes to Salhouse in the 80’s has moved the two fields either side of Norwich Rd. Salhouse, in to Salhouse. Whilst the Rackheath boundaries at muck lane are now moving in to Salhouse?

The Farm through the years has been a mix of Livestock & Arable. Originally with cow and pig livestock, then just pig.
Livestock farming ended in 2004 but arable farming remains to this day. The original 3 storey farmhouse, which was home to some of the workers of the farm became derelict in the 1940’s during the building of New Rackheath. The farm sold the farmhouse in the 1960’s and it was restored in to two residential properties.

The original farmyard is no longer part of the farm. New regulations, and the decision to stop livestock farming left the old farm buildings derelict.
Though in an attempt to preserve some of the original farmyard buildings, these were also nearly demolished after years of objection for converting them in to 3 properties. (The land around the farm used to be classed as green belt. Getting planning for residential development used to be virtually impossible!)

After years of effort, planning was approved, and the old farmyard is now 3 residential properties

Mousehold Farm Grain Store. Inset, Inside the grain store May 2021

The current farmyard is situated behind the original farm on Norwich Rd. Rackheath, (although it is not visible from the road). The main Building on the farm is the grain store which can hold around 1500 tons of corn

Mousehold Farm has just completed its final season of growing Sugar Beet and cereals. Such has been the fall in commodity prices, and rising costs, we’re left with no option but to develop the farm into a whole new way………….

More soon….