Exclusive to residents of NEW RACKHEATH

Starting in mid 2022 we will be offering a small number of allotments to residents of New Rackheath.

This pilot scheme will run for 5 years and if successful will be expanded in 2027. (Whatever happens, you will be able to retain your allotment for as long as you want, or until you leave the village.)

If you would like more information on our allotment plan, you can download a PDF here.

If you would like to be considered for an allotment, please email us with your name & address and we will send you an application. (You will need to have lived in New Rackheath for at least 4 years to be considered.)

We will give priority to residents of the persimmon estate, as your need is greater than that of a resident of the original estate. (Maybe its due to the original estate being built by farmers, for farmers?)

To contact us about our allotment project please send us an email to

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