Rackheath Hall 1919 Map overlayed with 2020 Map. The difference between Rackheath and New Rackheath was Mousehold Farm

Exclusive farm access invitations for the local community.

Pricing (tba)

Access Currently Unavailable
Enter the Outdoors

Walking (inc dogs)
Riding (Bikes,Horses)
Relax (Surrounded by over 100 Acres of farmland and woodland)

Diversification has become the word in farming recently and we have spent the last two years planning a new type of farming at Mousehold Farm. As a result, we have a 5 year plan to provide access to the farm, and its fields, in return for supporting the continuation of the farm.

Have somewhere to go in the summer to relax in the open (and maybe in the sun).

Entry will be limited by access subscription. The price has not yet been set.

Access will be available from 1st April – 30th November.

More details soon.