Rackheath Hall 1919 Map overlayed with 2020 Map. The difference between Rackheath and New Rackheath was Mousehold Farm

Exclusive membership invitations for the community of New Rackheath.

Pricing per month.

Single £10

Triple £26

Double £18

Family of Four £32

Yearly membership Currently Unavailable

New Community Facilities

We’re creating a “Grand Meadow” surrounded by hay fields. The meadow is large enough for outdoor events and will be adjacent to our developing camping and glamping area. After hay harvest, the green area available trebles and provides a large area for parking.It will also be somewhere to go in the summer to relax in the open (and maybe in the sun). Entry will be limited by day pass membership. New Rackheath residents get unrestricted access as part of their membership to the farm.

Membership options

Membership to children of the same family (under 16) is free, must be accompanied by an adult with valid membership.

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