The Fields

Mousehold Farm has three fields in Rackheath (although two are now regarded by the council as being in Salhouse, Thank Tony & his ECO Town fiasco for that one)

The farm originally stretched from Slippers Bottom To Rackheath Corner, It now stretches from Broad Lane, to Station Road.

The Farm used to be on Salhouse Road, Rackheath. Its now on Norwich Road, Rackheath & on Norwich Road Salhouse.

The Farmhouse Used to be called The Paddocks, Its now better known as 95 Norwich Road

The Postcode used to be 6AA its Now 6FB

We haven’t moved in over 100 years. Try explaining that to your bank, sky, THE COUNCIL!, and everyone in between. Yep, cheers for that.

The fields are identified as follows

Home Piece – Because its next to home

Home Piece – April 2021 – Spring Barley, after Rolling and Fertilizing
(Farm & Sam Smith Way in Distance)

Railway Field – Because its next to the railway, and I mean NEXT to the railway.

Railway Field – March 2021 – Awaiting Planting of Maize

Mill Field – Because it used to be next to…… a mill.

Mill Field Looking West towards Sam Smith way – 2013 Before construction begun

well done if you worked out the code.